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Lots of people identify as introverted, or shy, and some socially awkward; but they still have happy, loving relationships. While dating may initially seem daunting, introverts often thrive on the dating scene.

Every personality type has pros and cons – it is what you do with the traits that really matters. If you are an introvert-like me, check out our advice below.

1-Visit places that make you feel good

Introverts often dislike large groups, overcrowded venues and too much noise, which can make them feel nervous and uneasy. Make sure that you actually enjoy your evening out by going somewhere that you know you like. The familiar venue will help you to relax and enjoy yourself.

2-Start a social hobby

If you are struggling to find a date at church or from friends, change your angle. Consider joining a club like painting or cooking where you can meet other people with similar interests. As you are not actively looking for love there, it takes the pressure off and makes it easier for introverted people to thrive.

3-Talk to strangers when you can

Small talk can be a real problem for introverts – especially with a stranger. Become a more confident communicator by making the effort to talk to strangers when you are out and about. You could try starting a conversation at the Metro with someone else who is waiting, or you could talk to the barista while he makes your coffee. There are plenty of people who are willing to chat!

4-Don’t assume that dating is easier for other people

You may see a beautiful person and think that dating is easy and fun for them. The truth is, you never know what someone else is going through – they may be going through a tough breakup, or they may have body confidence problems. When you realize that everyone is on the same page, dating becomes less scary and more fun.

5-Keep the conversation going

If you know how to, it is easy to keep a conversation going once it has started. Speak loudly and clearly so that the other person can hear you well, and make regular eye-contact and SMILE. This shows the other person that you are interested and focused, so they will continue to talk and ask YOU questions.

You can also ask open-ended questions, to keep the conversation flowing naturally without getting stuck on a “yes” or “no.”

6-Don’t let extroverts overwhelm you

Introverted people are often happy to be quiet when they are spending time with loud people – these can be pretty intense moments! However, keeping quiet often means you will go unnoticed.

Try to say something whenever you think of something relevant or interesting – don’t keep it inside your head, let your personality show!

Dating_Mentor Administrator

Dating in your 30s can be fairly different to dating in your 20s – especially if you have just got out of a long-term relationship! Sometimes it can seem like dating is harder in your 30s because there are less single people, and people are more likely to have emotional baggage. However there are actually lots of advantages to dating in your 30s; people tend to be more sure about what they want, and more people are looking for a genuine, serious relationship. Here are six tips for people who are dating in their 30s.

1. Don’t Stress About Divorce

The divorce rate in most countries is normally between 20% and 50%, so if you are dating in your 30s it is likely that a significant chunk of the available singles will be divorced. So if you refuse to date people who are divorced, your dating pool will be a lot smaller! If you’re struggling to get over a divorce bias, remember that lots of people come with relationship baggage, and this includes people who have never been married.

2. You Know What You Want, so Actively Find "It"

The good thing about dating in your 30s is that you have relationship experience, which means that you should be more aware of what you want. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a relationship, sit down and list things that matter to you; do you want to find someone who will bring you out of your shell and challenge you, or do you want to find someone who wants to travel the world? This will make it easier for you to find someone who you have a genuine connection with.

3. Tear Non-Resistant Walls Down

If you have been in an unhappy relationship in the past, you may be tempted to put your guard up – but in reality this will just make it harder for you to find someone. Sure, you are less likely to get hurt, but if you want to find a real, meaningful relationship you need to be willing to let your guard down.

4. Don’t Be Bitter

Don’t let negative thinking about your past relationships make you bitter or jaded. The past is in the past, and if you constantly bring it up it will affect the present and the future. So while it may be difficult, it is important to let the past go so that you can focus on your current life.

5. Update Your Wardrobe

Now that you're no longer in your 20s, you should reflect that in what you wear. Say goodbye to tummy tight tank tops, mini skirts, sky high heels, super tight jeans, cut out clothes, etc etc. Say hello to button downs, boot cut jeans, ballerina flats, and blazers, etc.

6. Don’t Waste Valuable Time

If you want to be in a serious relationship, don’t waste time with people who play games or string you along. Some people can mess people around for months or even years, so it is important to leave if you suspect that your crush isn’t really into you. It also means that you are more likely to notice if the right person enters your life, as you won’t be focused on the wrong person!