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FREE Dating Mentor

One unique benefit that makes HappySinglesMeet™ stand out among other dating sites, is that we provide FREE Dating Mentors. Dating Mentors help you navigate through online matchmaking, dating, courtship, and more romantic contexts. They are available most days when you log-in. They're available to answer quick questions about using or navigating the site. They can also offer a few tips to help you along your way. Look for profiles that say Dating_Mentor or Dating_Mentor_2, to ask them real time questions.

Your current Lead Dating Mentor has a Master's Degree in Communicative Disorders, and is Certified as a PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator. All online Dating Mentors & Conscious Dating Coaches have a teal-ish green label that say "administrator".

Our FREE Dating Mentor services are:
- Relevant articles tailored for the Positive/Resilient Mindset lifestyle
-Our Dater's Handbook
- Seasoned advice and tips on social media
- High compatible matches emailed to you
- Encouragement & esteeming of members
- Anonymous or taboo questions answered in Facebook or Hot Topics
- Online dating success while logged-in
- Dating safety consultation on website
- and much more…

Our PREMIUM-PAID Dating Mentors or Coaches services are:
-Prepare/Enrich Couples assessment
-Prepare/Enrich Couples or Pre-Engagement results session
-Prepare/Enrich packaged couples sessions
-Individual 1:1 Conscious Dating Coaching
-Individual Conscious Dating Coaching packaged sessions
-No travel, at-home virtual sessions
-Packages are priced from $
-Daily Mentor/Coach access for direct in-boxed questions until last session
- and much more…
-Sign-up for Premium-Paid Dating Mentors sessions at CONTACT US page

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