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Membership Plans

Lifetime Membership- you are grandfathered to use basic features for free or at the promotion until you cancel your membership. Upgrade membership level to "CarolinasFinest" to access more features or purchase "credit packs" to access full features & premium perks.

Silver Membership- you get to use most membership benefits; just in allotments of 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months to fit your needs and pricing. Credit packs are available for more premium perks.

Gold Membership- you get everything in Silver memberships + all premium perks + a Profile Makeover

Diamond Membership- you get everything in Gold membership + 1 Dating Coaching session

In a Profile Makeover, your mentor will help you re-make your profile to be more attractable in highly competitive searches. Diamond Daters services are coached online in our private E-room. After receiving your session, you can elect to continue with a set of paid packaged sessions. During the sessions, as a foundation, you will learn & practice relationship conflict management skills, along with other guiding topics.

The winning perk with CarolinaSinglesMeet is that we help you get matched, and help you maintain your relationships. Upgrade your membership today!

See "Membership Benefits" page for exact details.